AI/ML Developer

Date Posted: 1st December, 2018
Waterloo, CA
About Quadrical

Led by the two founders Hugh Hind and Sharat Singh, who bring lots of experience from their time at Microsoft, Blackberry and Adobe, along with multiple successful innovative smaller companies, we are looking to be an AI startup on Fast-Forward.

We’re looking for people looking to solve complex challenges, are enthusiastic about action, have technical expertise and who do what they say, and say what they do. In shorter words, we seek those who are both competent and trustworthy.

Does this sound like you?

Job Summary

Our customers are in some of the fastest growing areas of eCommerce and Internet service provision. Help us develop our precedent-setting machine learning based prediction engine. Learn about sparse data techniques. Work with both hard and soft data inputs. The job will involve statistical data structuring, machine learning architecture selection, soft data selection, and python programming

  • Testing customer data using the Quadrical predictive engine
  • Modifying python coded modules of the predictive engine
  • Running trials on cloud computing platforms (e.g. Microsoft Azure, AWS)
  • Helping design and implement learning machines to analyze noisy, sparse and soft data
Required Skills

Essentially, we are looking for people with a desire to work at the leading edge of AI/machine learning, but with an interest in delivering practical value to business and industry customers.

General skills

  • Programming
  • Data statistics and analysis
  • Strong work ethic

Technical Skills

  • Python
  • CUDA desirable
  • Azure ML, TensorFlow/Keras, AML, and/or Scikit-Learn
  • Statistical data analysis/testing
  • Predictive analytics, deep learning models, NLP architectures
  • Some exposure to big data systems and their associated communications protocols