Proprietary Algorithms, specifically developed for:

1. Demand Prediction
2. Yield Prediction
3. Yield Optimization

AI Ready Data Platform
AI Ready Solar Monitoring Platform

So you can quickly use AI Insights, to make more profitable decisions for your business.


Forecast Sales
Predict Demand
Predict Prices
Optimize Prices


Preventative Maintenance
Reduce Fraud
Manage Execution Anom

Maximize Profits

Convert Customers, Match Leads, Prevent Churn, Prevent Returns

Personalize Recommendations​

Recommend Products, Score Leads, Next Best Offer, Next Best Action

Aiaas Delivery.

Our customers benefit from our Kaggle-winner quality products and zero-risk deployment.

Our Custom AI

You understand your business, your company’s goals and most importantly, you have earned your customer’s trust.

We understand data. Our small yet intensely qualified team understands how your data along with our AI expertise can become the fuel to power your company’s growth.

Providing both commercial and operational excellence, we at Quadrical Ai provide a core artificial intelligence engine customized to work with your existing systems.

After all, Machine Learning is here to stay, and the faster you decide to utilize its benefits, the faster you can create a competitive edge for your company.

How we do it?

Its a simple process. Only three steps.


Firstly, we take the time to understand what success looks like for your company. Next we work with you to figure out how you’re currently making rules-based or data-driven decisions and completely understand how they currently feed into your existing processes.

Finally, we propose an approach to seamlessly integrate our Machine Learning generated guidance. The guidance will adapt into your systems giving you power to increase revenue by predicting forecasts more accurately or decreasing costs by predicting next generation problems before they happen – so you can solve them earlier in a planned way.


Working with you, we first analyze available historical data. This is to avoid disruption to your systems. When we determine actionable results, which improve your identified business metrics, we tune our powerful AI engines to deliver these optimized results. We also continue matching your operational requirements with RealTime data which is validated and re-validated.

Our solution is in-depth as we consider ourselves an engineering company. We ensure the AI meshes well with your current technical capabilities and also scales seamlessly. To do this we follow strict testing, Dev Ops and auditing processes.

Lastly, we deliver a customized API for seamless and effortless integration and visualizations to quickly put the insights to work.


This is where the magic happen because we don’t just quit when we’re done. We continuously operate, monitor, and enhance our engines to continue transparently and robustly push your metrics to further success in the background.

After all, your success is the key to our success.

How we do it?

Tech Version

The Media Has Two Different Views on AI. 

The media has two different views on AI.  The mainstream worries they’ll take over, leaving us their pets.  The business media over-simplifies.  All a company needs to do is get on an AI platform, take data, do some pre-processing, modeling, visualize it and it’s all done.  Instant insights.  Well, BOTH are wrong. 

The AI we’re talking about is simply a much, much smarter version of you in a very specific arena – where there’s way too much data for the human mind to process.   More on this further down….

What A Company Gets When it Hires a Few Data Scientists 

It gets a few data scientists.  Hiring is hard, managing even harder, especially when it is work you don’t know yourself.

You will however discover that each step to Machine Learning is much more complicated than you ever thought.  Pre-processing and modeling are not one step, but six or seven and everything takes a really long time, especially when data scientists may be learning on the job, only to be hired away, once this learning has happened on your company’s dime.

The Quadrical AI Solution

While human beings are great at detecting patterns in small numbers, or straightforward patterns sometimes (if you’re crazy smart) in large numbers, AI finds the more subtle patterns in gigantic numbers.  It also finds counter-intuitive patterns, and secondary patterns which human beings may not necessarily see, in those same numbers.  This is where it becomes tremendously useful for your business.  Crazy smart and experienced humans are still very required as one cannot get to this level without tremendous experience in training the models. 

How the Quadrical Ai Solution
Fits in with your Company’s Technology

Even the best solution cannot help your company if the Engineering to fit in with your technology is not in place, and not seamless for you.  As our team made up of AI specialists and Engineers, we offer a complete solution with testing, validation, and Dev Ops making the AI immediately “Actionable” for you. 

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