Big Data for the New Solar Century…

God forbid, one Monday morning, the Garbage Engineer drives up to your driveway and spills stuff out everywhere, while hoisting the huge bin from ground to truck. Next, he just drives away. Cleaning all that trash up would be way harder than if it had just, well, stayed tightly packed in the can. God forbid then, what if someone slips on the mess? Sues you? It was your garbage and your driveway. Right?

Can the US Depend Entirely on Renewable Power? Yes, and AI Technology will help.

Over 77 percent of Americans believe that it is important for the United States to develop and implement alternative sources of energy like wind and solar power in order to move away from coal, oil, and fossil fuels. This was according to a survey by Pugh Research Center in November 2019. Most want all this with a grid which is reliable, secure and safe.


2020 Nobel Prize winners for Economics, Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson of Stanford University, would like their prize-winning improvements in auction theory and inventions of new auction formats to now focus on being able to help the developing renewables industry.

Solar's Growth Depends on Data

With the world in 2020 being even more topsy turvy than normal, industries, and even human beings are all, on the lookout for reliability. Reliability of data means reliability of assets being managed which leads to reliability of accurate generation forecasts which in turn leads to reliability of monitoring and reporting...

Digital Twin Technology Comes to Solar

A Digital copy or (Twin) of a physical object or business process has become an important tool as companies try to become more efficient.


Cypher 2019. Bangalore.

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