Digital Twin based Asset Management

Every season, every week, even every hour, solar plants demand maintenance.  But, you’re so busy growing your portfolio –  your team is already working at full capacity.  

The Quadrical Plant Audit with Digital Twins

Diving deep into the data, of 1 of your plants – the underperformer or a potential acquisition, we give you a comprehensive 3 – Month, performance assessment with Quadrical’s proprietary Digital Twins.  

Find Issues much earlier, before they become a larger problem.

  • 360° performance check based on 1 year of historical data 
  • Hassle-free, hardware-independent data transfer & deployment 
  • 5 Day Time to Value


Report Card with Automagic Identification & Analysis of hidden losses and underperformance due to Ongoing (long-term) & pop up (short-term) issues.  

Historical & current production losses, leaky losses & anomalies with granular loss buckets (DC, Inverter & AC)
• Identify ‘Late Starters,’ ‘Early Finishers,’ even ‘Mid-Day Slackers’ reducing

Proactive Recommendations to halt losses, improve generation capacity and scale up revenue
• What to address first, before it becomes bigger
• What may need to be flagged up to manufacturer or EPC 

Robust Benchmarking

Activate Site O&M directly via Revenue Quantified & Prioritized Tickets

Available as interactive Audit Results Dashboard or PDF  

Add on:  Quadrical ROC supports your O&M team for ticket accuracy verification and remediation 

High RoI, no risk or disruption of current systems while also sensibly managing your data quality & security make this an easy choice to help O&M teams, Asset Managers and Developers run their plants at optimal potential and Investors do a quick sanity check to ensure their plants are being well run.   

Making that maintenance customized and intelligent, in RealTime, with Predictive & Condition based Maintenance, will help them reach optimal performance levels faster.

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Digital Twin based CMMS

Your entire, global portfolio – more easily managed – on a trusted, cloud-based platform. 

Integrate plants and equipment communicating on different protocols, across different assets into 1-single page view, 1 single truth source 

  1. Data aggregated from a wide variety of critical sources— SCADA, other Data Acquisition Systems, to power forecasts – with zero sync issue, state-of-art cloud storage and data archiving solutions. Standardized data migration process, managed by Quadrical Technical Team 
  2. Centralized Data Platform with built-in Monitoring/Reporting and Advanced Analytics 
  3. Expert support to ensure a RealTime assessment of plant performance across your complete portfolio 
  4. View and act on Revenue Quantified and Prioritized Automatic Tickets across:
    • Alerts & Outages
    • Preventative Maintenance & Predictive Maintenance, with accurate Needle-In-Haystack
    • Condition based Maintenance
  5. Condition based Maintenance streamlines O&M and ticket management in a single workflow with
    • RealTime static, dynamic & progressive alerts
    • Portfolio-wide standard schema
    • Actionable and revenue prioritized ticketing

All together, these provide real intelligence built into a Monitoring Platform with Predictive O&M Guidance which continues to become more intelligent with time, to guarantee maximum ROI

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Snap-On Advanced Analytics

If you already have a monitoring system, our software seamlessly integrates to give you state-of-the-art Analytics – integral to Quadrical’s Digital Twin based approach.   

You get what we’re known for – the ability to deliver real dollar value by driving performance 

  • All your portfolio data in one centralized cloud location – clean & analysis-ready 
  • Accurate, specific, fully actionable O&M Guidance, in form of revenue quantified daily tickets with automated workflows 
  • Scalable, flexible deployment of your own data analytics libraries, KPI calculations etc. directly via Tableau, PBI, Python notebooks etc. 
  • Seamless transfer of Digital Twin generated tickets into your existing ticketing system, using API-based data transfer 

Insights only Quadrical can mine, via unique Data Intelligence, based on ingesting data from a variety of critical sources. This means Advanced Digital Twin technology based Predictive Analytics + your own RealTime Monitoring to help drive O&M excellence leading to real dollar value. 

  • Loss bucketing and issue prioritization by revenue impact 
  • Actionable, automated Revenue Prioritized Ticketing 
  • Accurate Needle-in-Haystack – Degradation Tickets for short term ‘pop up’ issues 
  • Anomaly & Outage Prevention – Automatic detection of early signatures of underperformance (soiling, shading, string level outages) 
  • Self-Serve Advanced Data Analytics  

All on RealTime dashboards, which deliver real RoI. Value and insights, from Digital Twin AI allow for 2 – 4% increased generation /15% greater O&M efficiency. 

Hardware Independent. Fully Extensible.

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Power Forecasting

Make your internal planning and regulatory compliance stronger. Accurately forecast future production on our platform with > 98.4% accuracy in head-to-head tests.  

  • Intra-Day, Day(s) Ahead, Week(s) Ahead
  • Optimized database tailored to every required location
  • Ensemble of multiple weather providers for greatest accuracy
  • Storage, Trading & Pricing Optimizations 

Available ONLY as Add-On to Digital Twin based CMMS

Remote Operations Centre (ROC)

As you have a fast-growing portfolio to manage, leave the Remote Operations to us. 

Optimize your O&M with 365, 24/7 support with continuous, RealTime monitoring, in-house performance engineering, and proactive service. 

Together with our Digital Twin based Asset Performance Management Platform, Quadrical ROC can scale up seamlessly to deploy Advanced Remote Operations for any project, anywhere.  

We help you, 

  • Triage Issues 
  • Minimize turnaround time for Site O&M 
  • Coordinate Execution & Post-Fix Follow Up 
  • Mitigate risk through RealTime fault reporting and incident prevention 

Available ONLY as Add-On to Digital Twin based CMMS and Snap-On Advanced Analytics

Hardware Agnostic Connection with Snap-On, Plug & Play Solutions 

Using out-of-the-box frontend integrations for 100+ cloud APIs/data systems, and working with 40+ major SCADA systems, inverter portals, DAS and data loggers, our software gives you a completely transparent and unbiased view of all your assets.


As you deserve value for your spending, Quadrical Ai uses an optimal blend of managed and open-source technology, which offers the best fault tolerance and reliability. We help solar projects improve by > 2%, meaning > 5X Return on Investment for you.

Available as 1-Time Service(s) OR partner with us with a Continuous SaaS Platform.

Service Pricing
Plant Audit
  • $500 for <1 MW
  • $1000 for 1 – 10 MW
  • $2000 for 10 – 30 MW
  • $2500 for >30 MW
‘Snap-On’ Advanced Analytics 1-Time Set Up
+ Per MW SaaS Fee
Monitoring / Reporting (CMMS) Platform with Built-In Advanced Analytics 1-Time Set Up
+ Per MW SaaS Fee
Forecasting 1-Time Set Up with CMMS Bundle



Flexible, granular reporting
RealTime export
RBAC enabled

Data Client (OPC/CDC)

Seamless integration with any legacy 3rd party software
RealTime & optimized data transfer technology
Zero data loss

Key Performance Indicators

Customizable dashboards
Benchmarked to proprietary Digital Twin baseline

Open Architecture Integration

Public APIs
Hassle-free access to proprietary Digital Twin data
Scalable, fully extensible

AI-first Data Lake

Centralized bulk of data fetched in RealTime
Direct access to cleaned raw data
Zero sync issue

Balance Cost & Performance

Pay for what you need
Cost-effective reporting
Improved risk management


Flexible software
Industry experience and expertise
Tailored solutions for your needs

High Data Quality, Secure & Reliable

State-of-art Cloud Storage & Data Archiving solutions
99.99% data availability
> 99.5% system uptime performance

Highly scalable

Manage multiple portfolios
Deploy flexible architecture
Add functionality as needed

We help you be ready for the future.