The 5-in-1 Solar Solution with Digital Twin Technology

Monitoring | Data Platform | Forecasting | Predictive O&M | Reporting

Predictive O&M

Catch Degradation with ’True Anomaly Detection’

Prioritized by Revenue Impact


Energy Production with >98% Daily accuracy*

Forecast Day Ahead Generation for Reliable
Energy Supply


Capture Faults / Failures with RealTime Plant &
Portfolio Monitoring

Monitor Live Data and Performance


RealTime Visualization Across Plants & Portfolio

Daily Report of Plant Issues

ai  AI Platform with Digital Twin Technology

More Intelligent with Time
Fully Extensible for Holistic Asset Planning 

* Best in class validated via Customer bake-off

Ai is hard. It is really hard to do. You don’t know what data to do. You don’t even know if your outcomes are correct. There are so many uncertainties. But it’s even harder for small companies.

Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning – whatever you’re doing, if you don’t understand it – learn it. Because otherwise, you’re going to be a dinosaur within three years.”

Mark Cuban
Entrepreneur, Investor ‘Shark’, Dallas Mavericks Owner. At CES 2020

Words from our founders…

Throwing around the words AI or ML – super easy. Actually using these algorithms for the benefit of your business – quite difficult.

Just like you know energy, we know data.
We work on proprietary and patented algorithms for Prediction and its reverse Anomaly Detection.  You get RealTime, Cloud-Based, Monitoring of every detail of your plants.

You maximize Return-On-Your-Assets.
AI built on top help you think ahead with Precise Yield Forecasts. Of course it’ll flag up Faults and Failures but also Degradations before they happen.

Our continuous updated technology
We’ve developed our Algorithms, and keep ML models up-to-date, through continuous research and use cases. We also fully understand Precision Engineering, Dev Ops and Testing needed to fit ML into a complete, easy-to-use technology solution.

Turn your data into information
Oh, and if your Data is not yet organized, we get you started on your data journey, by first setting it up on an Azure Data Lake, so it becomes immediately useful.

Dr. Hugh Hind, Founding President, CTO


We Impact Your Business in Weeks…

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