Monitor & Improve Performance by 2-4%

Increase Performance by 2-4% while Monitoring with our Digital Twin based Platform

Digital Twin based Asset Management

Plant Audit | Digital Twin based CMMS | Snap-On Advanced Analytics | Forecasting | ROC

Upgrade your Solar & Battery Asset Management with Digital Twins

Apply our actionable intelligence to your data, to maximize financial returns – from every plant under your watch.

Plant Audit

360° Personalized Plant Performance Assessment. 5-Day Time to Value. Directly Actionable Revenue Prioritized Tickets address Long-term/Ongoing and Short-term/Pop-up Issues

Digital Twin based CMMS

1 – Source of Truth for Full Portfolio Visibility.    True, Data Driven Decision Making.  Improve Generation by 2 – 4% / O&M Costs by 15% while Monitoring.

Snap-On Advanced Analytics

Already have Basic Monitoring and love it?  Our Advanced Analytics seamlessly Snap-On.   ALL the Smart Analytics, integral to our Digital Twin based CMMS – available as Plug & Play Software – to help you improve your plants with your current Monitoring platform


Intra-Day. Day (s) Ahead. Week (s) Ahead, with > 98.4% accuracy.  Optimized database tailored to every required location, with ensemble of multiple weather providers.

Remote Operations Center (ROC)

We help you remotely track, assess, and resolve issues – enabling you to Optimize Operations

Each plant is unique, with installation, operational history, location, and weather variances.  This means statistical models cannot predict, how a particular plant will behave under varying operating conditions. Digital Twins at the core of our Asset Management, solve this problem.

The Solar Industry’s Most Sophisticated Digital Twins…

Digital Twins are detailed, personalized, digital replicas of your plant which give a more exact, tailored understanding of plant behavior.

  • Yield expectations for each and every instrumented device are calculated and added up, to create an accurate Performance Benchmark
  • Special purpose Digital Twins then identify and quantify shading, soiling, insulation, short-term issues, long term degradation, due diligence etc
  • Condition based and Predictive Maintenance Guidance, generate automated, revenue prioritized tickets with complete workflows

Personalized Understanding of Exact Yield Potential

By creating highly accurate models, to predict the behavior of each inverter, SCB, and panel strings – and adding them up (bottom-up approach) – we are able to calculate precise yield capabilities, in exact field conditions. Our Digital Twin Models use RealTime and historical data to analyze and monitor the past, present, and ultimately simulate, ideal future performance much more accurately. This time-travelling characteristic allows us to see signs and signals early and address them proactively with Automated, Revenue Prioritized tickets.


Improve Operating Margins by at least 2%

The Quadrical team has been building Digital Twin Models for ~ 3 years - making them, by far, the most advanced in solar. Founders Sharat Singh and Dr. Hugh Hind with expertise in the field of Anomaly Detection and Prediction Artificial Intelligence (AI) go beyond simple models with multiple, hierarchical, purpose specific Digital Twins. These go broader and deeper in isolating and identifying errors, anomalies, and provide more accurate performance predictions. Stacked together, these Digital Twins improve Generation by 2 - 4%, irrespective of plant size, and reduce O&M costs by 15%. This means >7X ROI for you. Built-in Digital Twin Technology for unbiased assessment of plant performance, and directly actionable recommendations with automated, revenue quantified tickets.

We Impact Your Business in Weeks…

Case Studies

Plant Audit

Plant Audit with Digital Twin AI, for Robust Metric and Benchmarking

Performance Improvement

SolarArise deploys Quadrical Ai’s Digital Twin Based solution for Performance Improvement

RealTime Monitoring

Centralized Data Platform with Digital Twin AI for the RealTime Monitoring