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Artificial Intelligence. Simplified and delivered on an easy-to-serve platform​

Our scalable AI products deliver outsized impact to our Customer's most complex business challenges in weeks not months.


Our Products

Our proprietary AI algorithms are specifically developed to handle your most complex business problems:

  Forecast Outcomes
  Maximize Profits
  Personalize Recommendations
  Control Risk

Forecast Outcomes

Forecast Sales
Predict Demand
Predict Prices
Optimize Prices

Maximize Profits

Convert Customers
Match Leads
Prevent Churn
Prevent Returns

Personalize Recommendations​

Recommend Products
Score Leads
Next Best Offer
Next Best Action

Control Risk​

Preventative Maintenance
Reduce Fraud
Manage Execution Anomalies

SaaS delivery. High quality products available effortlessly and at no risk.

Our customers benefit from our Kaggle-winner quality products with effortless and zero-risk deployment.


What we do?

You know what your business goals are.

We supercharge your execution - allowing you to focus on your business while getting the advantages of enabling technologies.

With a ‘Business First’ focus, Quadrical provides a core artificial intelligence engine customized to work with and enhance your existing systems.

The results will allow you to make relevant decisions effortlessly to speed achievement towards your goals.

How we do it?

 Its a simple process. Only three steps.



First and formost, we take the time to understand your company's specific success metrics. Then we learn how data-driven decisions currently feed into your existing processes.

Finally, we propose an approach to seamlessly integrate best in class AI generated guidance, which will adapt into your systems.



We analyze available data to determine actionable results which improve identified business metrics. Then we tune our powerful AI engines to deliver these optimized results, while matching your operational requirements.

We provide an in-depth solution as an engineering company. To ensure the AI meshes well with your current technical capabilities and scales seamlessly, we follow strict strict testing, Dev Ops and auditing processes.

Lastly, we deliver a customized API for seamless and effortless integration.



We continuously operate, monitor, and enhance our engines to transparently and robustly push your metrics to further success.

We focus on your business success as the key to our company's success.

Lets get started.

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