Solar Monitoring Platform with Intelligent AI.

Boost both Return on Assets and Energy Production. In RealTime.

Ai is hard. It is really hard to do. You don’t know what data to do. You don’t even know if your outcomes are correct. There are so many uncertainties. But it’s even harder for small companies.

Mark Cuban
Entrepreneur, Investor ‘Shark’, Dallas Mavericks Owner. At CES 2020

Throwing around the words AI or ML — super easy.

Actually using these algorithms for the benefit of your business — quite difficult.

Just like you know energy, we know data.

Just as you have established trust with your customers, Sharat Singh (Data Engineering of AI), Dr. Hugh Hind (Math of AI) and our team of experts actually know how to handle the really tough algorithms.  We help you manage your data and make it work for you to increase revenue and decrease costs.

We work on proprietary and patented algorithms for Prediction and its reverse Anomaly Detection.  You get RealTime Monitoring of every detail from your plants and weather with RealTime views.

The AI built on top allows for Precise Yield Forecasts and can flag up Faults, Failures and Degradations before they happen.  You maximize your Return-On-Your-Assets.

We’ve developed our Algorithms, and keep ML models up-to-date, through continuous research and Use Cases. We also fully understand the Precision Engineering, Dev Ops and Testing needed to fit ML into a complete tech solution.

Oh, and if your Data is haphazardly in separate silos, we get you started on your Business’s data journey, by first helping you organize your data onto an Azure Data Lake, so it is immediately usable with custom AI to make it useful through Machine Learning.

Dr. Hugh Hind, Founding President, CTO


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