What we value most… Your Trust

Our priority is protecting your data – and of course – your customer data fully. Period.

We collect no (nor use) personally identifiable information.

Our platform offers end-to-end data encryption with strictly controlled access controls.

We are committed to helping you deploy AI responsibly.

We Impact Your Plants in Weeks….

Your portfolio…hundreds of thousands of moving parts, in multiple locations.

You vote daily with intelligence and energy to make it thrive.

We help you with better Return on your Assets, with Yield increases – by providing Guidance based on Digital Twin AI, with minimum downtime and effort.

Slide DEMO – 1 Hour A very productive Hour

How are your plants currently managed?
Your successes and where can you do better?
Focus on lifting yields as we monitor in RealTime.
Slide PLANT SPECS & OPERATIONS – 1 Day  Here’s where we get nitty-gritty. 

We look at your plant’s location, data options and checklist what’s needed. 

Once we talk it over, it won’t take long.
Slide PLANT AUDIT – 5 Days Our proprietary Digital Twin AI minutely identifies plant
performance issues.

We’ll need:
6 months (3 months training + 3 months Audit) of SCADA, and the type of static data you have available.

Pinpoint precise
Long term degraded modules
Losses due to Shading or Soiling
Point out the Problematic strings
DC to AC Conversion losses. Find your worst performing Inverters 
Losses due to cabling failures.

We find where your plant can really improve the most.
– 4 Weeks
Try out our complete platform for a month.
In RealTime. 
– After 4 Weeks
As we continue, identified anomalies are picked up, even earlier…

Our platform identifies prioritized issues and keeps learning.
This enables your O&M teams to help your assets hum at levels, higher, than you thought possible.

Analyst teams use RealTime data based KPI’s to analyze, create reports and identify issue trends and diagnoses.

We make sure the AI meshes well, with your current technical capabilities and scales seamlessly.  To do this, we follow strict testing, Dev Ops, Auditing and Security protocols.   

Lastly, we deliver a customized API for seamless integration with Dashboards which put the insights to work. 
IMPROVEMENT – After 20 Weeks
This is where the magic happens as we never quit. As our ML learns your plant better, it continues to become more intelligent. 

Our Finance Dashboard will keep giving you a clear picture of how your losses have reduced after deploying Quadrical Ai compared to historic benchmarks.

In the future, as you add Robotic cleaning, or even Storage, we will be there to optimize their use too.

Our Digital Twin AI will help you manage the health of your plant transparently, robustly and holistically for its entire lifespan until the 2040’s.

After all your success is our success! 

Our Story

Led by founders Sharat Singh & Dr. Hugh Hind, who bring decades of knowledge building AI into enterprise grade solutions – at Microsoft, Blackberry and Adobe, along with multiple successful innovative startups and scale-ups, we are a CleanTech startup with lots of experience.

Our Advisors

The Tech

The Business Media Oversimplifies AI

All a company needs to do to improve performance 100% is just get on an AI platform. Take some data, do some pre-processing, modeling, visualize it and it’s all done. Instant insights.

The AI we’re talking about is simply a much, much smarter version of you in a very specific arena – where there’s way too much data, (like your plants with hundreds of thousands of panels and cable interactions) for the human mind to process. We use Digital Twin AI to find the signals in all the noise.

What A Company Gets When it Hires a Few Data Scientists

It gets a few data scientists. Hiring is hard, managing even harder, especially when it is work you don’t know yourself.

You will however discover that each step to Machine Learning is much more complicated than you ever thought. Pre-processing and modeling are not one step, but six or seven and everything takes a really long time, especially when data scientists may be learning on the job, only to be hired away, once this learning has happened on your company’s dime.

The Quadrical AI Solution

While human beings are great at detecting patterns in small numbers, or straightforward patterns sometimes (if you’re crazy smart) in large numbers, AI finds the more subtle patterns in gigantic numbers.

It also finds counter-intuitive patterns, and secondary patterns which human beings may not necessarily see, in those same numbers. This is where it becomes tremendously useful for your business. Crazy smart and experienced humans are still very required as one cannot get to this level without tremendous experience. 

How the Quadrical AI Solution
Fits in with your Company’s Technology

Even the best solution cannot help your company if the Engineering to mesh with your technology is not seamless for you.

As our team made up of AI specialists and Engineers, we offer a complete solution with testing, validation, and Dev Ops making the AI immediately “Actionable” for you.

We Are Hiring…

We seek team players who look to solve complex challenges, are enthusiastic about action, have technical expertise and who do what they say, and say what they do – both competent and trustworthy. Does this sound like you? Do you want to put your stamp on your work and work with an experienced leadership team?

Senior Designer

Waterloo, Canada
10+ years of experience

Talk to us about evolving the architecture of our core prediction engine. Our customers are in some of the fastest growing areas of eCommerce and Internet service provision. Work involves statistical data structuring using noisy and sparse data and data with high proportions of outliers, machine learning model selection and optimization, and incorporating the latest ideas from deep learning.