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The Media Has Two Different Views on AI. 

The media has two different views on AI.  The mainstream worries they’ll take over, leaving us their pets.  The business media over-simplifies.  All a company needs to do is get on an AI platform, take data, do some pre-processing, modeling, visualize it and it’s all done.  Instant insights.  Well, BOTH are wrong. 

The AI we’re talking about is simply a much, much smarter version of you in a very specific arena – where there’s way too much data for the human mind to process.   More on this further down….

What A Company Gets When it Hires a Few Data Scientists 

It gets a few data scientists.  Hiring is hard, managing even harder, especially when it is work you don’t know yourself.

You will however discover that each step to Machine Learning is much more complicated than you ever thought.  Pre-processing and modeling are not one step, but six or seven and everything takes a really long time, especially when data scientists may be learning on the job, only to be hired away, once this learning has happened on your company’s dime.

The Quadrical AI Solution

While human beings are great at detecting patterns in small numbers, or straightforward patterns sometimes (if you’re crazy smart) in large numbers, AI finds the more subtle patterns in gigantic numbers.  It also finds counter-intuitive patterns, and secondary patterns which human beings may not necessarily see, in those same numbers.  This is where it becomes tremendously useful for your business.  Crazy smart and experienced humans are still very required as one cannot get to this level without tremendous experience in training the models. 

How the Quadrical Ai Solution
Fits in with your Company’s Technology

Even the best solution cannot help your company if the Engineering to fit in with your technology is not in place, and not seamless for you.  As our team made up of AI specialists and Engineers, we offer a complete solution with testing, validation, and Dev Ops making the AI immediately “Actionable” for you. 

What we value most…


Our priority is protecting your data – and of course – your customer data fully. Period.

We collect no (nor use) personally identifiable information.

Our platform offers end-to-end data encryption with strictly controlled access controls.

We are committed to helping you deploy AI responsibly.

Our Story

Led by the two founders Sharat Singh and Hugh Hind, who bring many years of experience from their time at Microsoft, Blackberry and Adobe, along with multiple successful innovative smaller companies, we are an AI startup with lots of experience.


Sharat Singh
Founding CEO / Chief Architect


Hugh Hind
Co-Founding President / CTO


Kitty Chachra
Co-Founding CMO


Atul Gupta


Vishal Arya
VP Engineering


Yashwinder Chhikara
Head, Sales

Artificial Intelligence, Delivered.

Our Quadrical team works at two points on the globe to build AI systems to impact our partners. We also champion what we build. At our company, we are present, focus on impact, take action to tackle difficult problems through iteration and build trust along with our products.

We’re seeking team players looking to solve complex challenges, are enthusiastic about action, have technical expertise and who do what they say, and say what they do. In shorter words, we seek those who are both competent and trustworthy.

Does this sound like you? Do you want to put your stamp on your work and learn from an experienced leadership team?

Available Opportunities

Software • Waterloo,Canada

Senior Designer

Talk to us about evolving the architecture of our core prediction engine. Our customers are in some of the fastest growing areas of eCommerce and Internet service provision. Work involves statistical data structuring using noisy and sparse data and data with high proportions of outliers, machine learning model selection and optimization, and incorporating the latest ideas from deep learning.

Work With Quadrical

If you did not find the role you are looking for please email in your candidacy and we will reach out to you when we have an opening for you.

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