Case Studies

Plant Audit

Plant Audit with Digital Twin AI, for Robust Metric and Benchmarking

Performance Improvement

SolarArise deploys Quadrical Ai’s Digital Twin Based solution for Performance Improvement

RealTime Monitoring

Centralized Data Platform with Digital Twin AI for the RealTime Monitoring

You’ve got to see to believe it, right?

You’ve got to see to believe it, right?

Latest Articles

Optimize Solar Asset Performance with Digital Twin AI

Most Digital Twin models (based on ML technology) are based on boosted decision tree or neural network models. After sensible initial architecture choices have been made, accuracy of the models depends on the accuracy of data used for training and the quality of the practitioners.

Technological Trends shaping Utility Solar in India

How do you keep millions of solar panels in top notch condition – working at maximum capacity? And with land in short supply, where should they be installed?  Luckily, technology has solutions. Key technological trends influencing India’s utility solar include energy storage, mono PERC, floating solar plants, blockchain, AI and machine learning.

Solar Monitoring – See Everything in RealTime?

The importance of monitoring your system is a no-brainer. With SCADA data and Excel, your team can do this up to a point.  As plant size and more importantly, the size of your portfolios grow, RealTime, condition based monitoring is needed to ensure maintenance.