What We Value the Most…

Your Trust


What we value most…

Your Trust

Protecting Your Data

Our priority is protecting your data – and of course – your customer data fully. Period.

Collect the Data

We collect no (nor use) personally identifiable information.

End-to-End Data Encryption

Our platform offers end-to-end data encryption with strictly controlled access controls.

We Impact your Plants in Weeks…

Your portfolio…hundreds of thousands of moving parts…in so many locations. Your intelligence makes it thrive. We help give you better return on assets while making it easier to monitor your portfolio…

Our Story

Led by founders Sharat Singh & Dr. Hugh Hind, who bring decades of knowledge building AI into enterprise grade solutions – at Microsoft, Blackberry and Adobe, along with multiple successful innovative startups and scale-ups, we are a CleanTech startup with lots of experience.

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Our Advisors

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